Candace Lawlor is a self-taught mixed media artist who uses a variety of mediums and surfaces to create pieces that are vibrant and full of texture. She lives in a small town on the eastern shore of the island of Newfoundland, Canada and draws inspiration from nature and everyday coastal life for her artwork.  Found treasures from the natural environment and salvaged vintage ephemera often make their way into her pieces as a method of preserving them or transforming them into something that will endure as well as sharing their beauty with others.Candace started making and creating as a little girl. When she was almost five, her brother was born with numerous health complications that meant the family spent a lot of time traveling to and from medical appointments. Her parents always encouraged them to fill their road trip hours by using their imaginations and creative talents. There was always a travel bag with sketchbooks, paint by number kits, drawing pencils, crayons and markers in the car and Candace would spend the six hour return trip sketching and coloring pictures to occupy her little brother. As he got older, it became a guessing game and she tried to hone her drawing skills so that he would be able to easily guess what the sketches were.

When they weren't traveling or in school, the family spent their time together exploring and creating. Her mother's love of making things - needlepoint, sewing, cooking and baking was shared with both children on a daily basis. She was constantly planning crafting activities and encouraging imaginative and pretend play. Candace's dad restored antique cars in the evenings on on weekends and often let her watch and help him as he applied intricate decals and detailed artwork to the new paint. She credits him with providing the foundation for her knowledge about the chemistry of mixing paint and additives and how to apply paint in different ways to achieve different results. Candace's childhood experience instilled a deep sense of adventure and a yearning to create that has stayed with her as an adult.

When Candace finished her university Arts degree in English and German, she had planned to pursue a career teaching university level German, but life had other plans. She met Joe later that year, fell in love and decided to put her career plans on hold to get married, start a family and support her new husband in his lifelong dream of becoming a Mountie. In late 2006 Candace, Joe and baby #1 embarked on a cross country journey to begin their first RCMP post in Lillooet, British Columbia. 

While away from her family and home in Newfoundland, Candace embraced being a stay at home mom and law enforcement wife and began teaching craft classes in her free time as a way to get involved in the community and develop new friendships. Teaching creativity skills became a way to break the ice and find kindred spirits in each new RCMP post.Over the next ten years, as their family grew bigger and they continued to move every few years, 

Candace decided to remain a stay at home mom and devote her spare time to creating art and teaching. Her art has been displayed in several art galleries and gift shops and has been featured in several online and print publications. In 2011 she opened an Etsy shop to sell her artwork and she continues to exhibit at local artisan and craft fairs.

This year, Candace's husband retired from the RCMP and they settled permanently in her hometown where they have embraced the simple quietness of country life and Candace spends her days with their three children and their dog exploring the coast, hiking, foraging and learning about local flora and fauna together. She finds time to create in the early hours of the morning and currently working on a series of 100 mini canvases inspired by her family's life at the edge of the ocean.